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Safe Sport - Parents​

Safe Sport - Athletes​


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  • Respectful and polite attitudes are expected between all coaches, staff, athletes, and parents.

  • Bullying, harassment, hazing, and emotional, physical, or sexual misconduct will absolutely not be tolerated.

  • Safety always has the highest priority.

  • Athletes must be in uniform and completely prepared to start class five minutes before practice begins.  Repeated lateness and/or absence will result in extra practice time at the expense of the parents.  (See handbook for details.)  Lateness and absences affect not only the offending athlete's performance, but also that of their teammates.

  • Leotards and athletic shorts are worn to all practices.  No gum, jewelry, shoes, socks, or t-shirts. Fingernails and toenails are kept short for athletes safety.  Long hair is to be worn up, neat, and kept out of the athlete’s face.

  • Bring a water bottle to every practice.  Food is not allowed in the practice area. Cell phones are not to be utilized during practice hours.

  • Interaction between athlete and parent, visually or verbally, during workouts is not appropriate. A distracted athlete is a prime candidate for injury. Contact the front desk or the coach first if you need to communicate with an athlete on the workout floor.

  • Athletes may not leave the practice or competition area without the permission of a coach.         

  • Coaching techniques and decisions are not subject to compromise with parents or athletes.

  • Everyone should always strive to have a positive and team-minded attitude. 

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